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immune defense

Pathogen Elixir

  Boost your immune system against the cold & flu with this innovative elixir that combines proprietary frequency medicine with 24-karat gold & colloidal silver which have been clinically proven to neutralize disharmonies in the body caused by pathogens, viruses and toxicity. This product is great for those suffering from skin rashes due to allergies or mold exposure

immune defense

  • Take one dose every 12 hours,  consume entire dose within 60 minutes. Find more info on recommened dosage amounts in the protocols section below 

    Recommended Dosage

    • 0-50 pounds: 1/2 bottle
    • 51-100 pounds: 1 bottle
    • 101-150 pounds: 1.5 bottles
    • 151-200 pounds: 2 bottles
    • 201-250 pounds: 2.5 bottles
    • 251-500 pounds: 3 bottles
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