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Lifts otherwise known as superficial chemical peels are a great way to prep for deeper resurfacing treatments A mixture of botanical concentrates are applied on the skin, this dries the area over the next few days and results in significant scaling that unveils visibly healthier skin. Application only requires a few minutes. The healing process is typically 7-10 days and virtually painless Several options are available to address your specific concerns; Jessner, TCA, Glycolic or Salicylic acid can be used to gently resurface the skin, your esthetician will pick the most appropriate Lift Lifts are great for aging skin, acne, scars, large pores, texture and all types of pigmentation, including Melasma. Some peels can increase collagen growth for several months so you'll see and feel benefits long passed the visit Lifts feel a little spicy but application only takes a few minutes. The healing process is about 7 days and virtually painless. Priming for a peel takes 4-6 weeks. All clients are required to book a consultation or follow up to discuss treatment and pickup the necessary items prior to peeling Lift | 30 minutes Face or small area $350 Larger areas may cost more

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