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Glam Facial

Harley offers a variety of facials, each customized for the face in hand. All facials include a pre-cleanse, deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation and mask, followed by recommended skincare items. Facials are great for clearing acne, firming the skin for a plump complexion and lightening pigmentation for an even tone. Facials can prevent signs of aging but also prime the skin for stronger treatments The Glam Facial combines dermaplaning, the Signature and RegiMe Facial with a custom blended, tinted moisturizer color-match session. No more leaving the salon with a pink, splotchy complexion; after the Instaglam Facial your face will be red carpet ready! What clients love most about this facial is that all the items can be purchased and taken home so you can achieve the look daily in just a few simple steps Glam Facials are ideal for those with an uneven skin tone. Treatments immediately lighten imperfections, recommended items will continue to improve things at home Glam Facial $250 | 90 minutes Harley only carries clinically proven skincare products that are high-quality, non-toxic, oncology-safe, humane and not tested on animals

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