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Stem Cell Therapy enhanced Microneedling

Microneedling combined with human stem cell replacement therapy; Fine pins create micro-injuries, triggering pinpoint bleeding which supplies skin with essential nutrients & hormones. A layer of stem cells are applied on the desired area prior to treatment which are delivered deep into the tissue during the session. Collagen fibers grow, damaged cells are rejuvenated; Resulting in a brighter, firmer, smoother complexion. Treats scars, stretch marks, aging skin, enlarged pores, pigmentation, melasma and thinning hair Stem Cell Therapy helps rebuild tissue on a cellular level. Stem Cells are like worker bees, they seek out damaged cells in our bodies to either rebuild or replace them. Stem Cell Therapy also reduces side effects & downtime associated with Microneedling Stem Cell therapy has been clinically proven more effective than combining RF, PRP or PRF treatments with Microneedling and because we are using donor cells there’s no blood draw, making this the most effective and comfortable way to enhance the benefits of Microneedling The area is numbed but you'll still feel a prickly discomfort. Expect redness and dry, scaly skin the following week Microneedling with Stem Cell Therapy is safe for all skin types & tones Stem Cell Therapy | 1 hour Face or small area $800 Larger areas may cost more Can be paired with any Facial

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