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Korean vs Western Skincare

korean vs western skincare - which is better?

Which method is better?

Korean skincare focuses on preventing signs of aging through complex systems that are sometimes up to 10 steps but are made of restorative, herbaceous ingredients found in your everyday market with low percentages of active ingredients such as bakuchiol or glycolic acid whereas Western skincare more so targets individual concerns but in less steps containing higher percentages of active botanicals plus other potent resurfacing agents like retinol which are of natural origin but created in a laboratory

The truth is most Korean AND Western skincare lines don't meet the unique needs of each person; They often deliver no results or worsen the issues at hand. There's no evidence that suggests either method is better than the other, but also there are many Korean skincare lines based in the united states and vice versa; The geographical location of a brand doesn't reflect their philosophies or practices ...

Our skin is an organ and if functioning properly doesn't need harsh ingredients or a 10 step routine twice daily to look it's best. Invest time using products containing gentle yet effective ingredients that provide visible results in as few steps possible. Avoid basic pantry herbs found in Korean lines (as one should be getting those benefits through a balanced diet) and the acidic, barrier compromising, sun sensitizing exfoliants found in Western skincare. Bioavailable nutrients such as amino acids, antioxidants, peptides, retinaldehyde, stem cells and vitamin C are proven to promote healthy, glowing skin

What Skincare Line is best?

If you're looking for a regimen that nourishes the skin, prevents and corrects the signs of aging via safe, high quality ingredients that can be admired by even the most sensitive complexions, shop Osmosis Beauty; Animal, planet and skin friendly products that are also oncology safe


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