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Treating Acne

How to treat acne

What is Acne?

Acne is an inflammatory disorder caused by overproduction of bacteria, oil & mucous in the pores. Why some individuals struggle with it and some don't is unknown but there's many ways to treat and manage Acne. Many achieve clarity with just a few tweeks to their routine but some may need to make diet & lifestyle changes; in severe cases medication may be a needed

Leading causes of Acne

  1. Improper hygiene

  2. Improper diagnosis of cause

  3. Using the wrong products

  4. Harsh products (retinol)

  5. Chlorine exposure

  6. Compromised skin barrier

  7. Unmanaged dry skin

  8. Skin infections

  9. Hormones

  10. Medications

  11. Food intolerances

  12. Acidic or sweet foods & beverages

  13. Yeast

  14. Candida

  15. Stress

Check out this Skin Mapping blog to help further identify internal causes of Acne

Treating Acne

Most cases of acne are self induced due to using routines consisting of ingredients that have no synergy with each other, compromise the skins barrier and or trigger reactions. Seeing an Esthetician who can suggest which items are best is typically the quickest path to clarity. If acne can be treated topically it responds to the right routine within a few days and regardless of what any company or professional says, acne should NEVER get worse before it gets better... Infact, Harley prides himself on clearing his clients without "purging"

If the acne isn't subsiding using the recommended topicals there's an internal issue that needs to be addressed, usually a vitamin deficiency or an imbalanced diet that's contributing to more yeast, mucous & oil production in the pores. One should consider a Food Intolerance Evaluation and try balancing the gut microbiome with proper supplementation prior to trying any medications, or hormonal therapies. Another good reason to see an Esthetician, to understand what healthy eating truly looks like (for you!)

Some individuals suffer from Hormonal Acne which can pose more of a challenge as each person's issue stems from a different cause and many things affect hormones. Hormonal Acne is often seen in puberty but affects people of all ages. Hormones don't always balance in maturity and can worsen over time so thyroid testing followed by hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be needed. Anyone considering HRT or other medications such as birth control should first try balancing hormones naturally by ridding the body of hormonal & environmental toxins

If acne gets bad enough it can become systemic and spread to other areas of the body, which may require medication. If needed your esthetician will refer you to a Dermatologist for further care but antibiotics, Isotretinoin(Accutane) and other toxic medications should always be a last result as they don't always provide permanent relief and can lead to other issues

If you're struggling with Acne book an appointment today, it's time to clear that skin


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