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Treating Dry Lips

Recovery Fat Pad Restorer

What causes dry lips?

There are many factors that contribute to dry lips, most of them self-induced. Unbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle and the use of products containing lip irritating ingredients such as whitening toothpastes or chapsticks are the leading causes of unhappy lips but can also be induced by exposure to harsh environments or allergens

With lip fillers rising in popularity we're seeing more individuals with procedure related dryness. Overly-filled lips will certainly become stressed, chap & crack. If you can't see the natural ripples of the lips after the initial swelling goes down, they've had too much ... If you're experiencing this contact the professional that performed the procedure to dissolve the excess filler

How to treat dry lips

Using an occlusive balm that contains oils and healthy fats is the best way to revitalize lips under distress; They deeply hydrate and trap moisture into the skin for hours after application while preventing it from evaporating into the air similar to placing a lid on a pot of boiling water

Here's a few truly-hydrating lip treatments you can purchase now or take home after your next appointment. These items will instantly quench skin around the mouth


Lips become addicted to moisturizer

This is False; Contrary to popular belief using hydrating lip products doesn't cause lips to become dependent on them, produce less oil or become more dry. However many items contain ingredients that can cause unwanted side effects in the skin. Although these ingredients may be beneficial to some individuals they may cause reactions in others which can be mistaken for an addiction to moisturizer

Be mindful of these ingredients

  1. Beeswax

  2. Camphor

  3. Castor Oil

  4. Colophony (rosins)

  5. Essential Oils (Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree, etc.)

  6. Dyes & Fragrances

  7. Lanolin

  8. Menthol

  9. Salicylic Acid

Again not all these ingredients are bad, infact other than the Salicylic Acid, dyes & fragrances they can serve a great benefit to others; These are just the known common culprits

Chronically chapped, cracked lips can be extremely frustrating. If you're struggling with crusty, painful or unsightly skin around the mouth then book an appointment today; an esthetician can certainly help you achieve healthy, glistening, kissable lips

Harley True |

Master Advanced Esthetician


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