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True Peel

A mixture of botanical concentrates are applied on the skin, this dries the area over the next few days and results in a snake-like shed that unveils visibly healthier skin. Application only requires a few minutes. The healing process is typically 7-10 days and virtually painless Chemical Peels are great for aging skin, acne, scars, large pores, texture and all types of pigmentation, including Melasma. Some peels can increase collagen growth for several months so you'll see and feel benefits long passed the visit Harley's proprietary chemical peel is more effective than the Cosmelan, Obagi, Perfect Derma & VI. It also outperforms Morpheus-8 RF Microneedling, the Aerolase, Erbium and all CO2 lasers currently available. You won't find these results elsewhere​ Preparing for the True Peel can take up to 6 weeks; Book a consultation or follow to discuss treatment and pickup the necessary items True Peel | 30 minutes Face & Neck $800 Larger areas will cost more

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